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One of the top five biblical verses being tweeted, hashtagged, shared, bookmarked, or highlighted is Philippians 4:13 [“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”].  And, really, it’s easy to see why this passage would go viral because this verse tells you that you can do anything with Christ on your side because you’ll have His strength!  So nothing is impossible, right?  Nothing is unsurmountable?  You can do anything and everything through Christ who strengthens you.

  • You can overcome any obstacle.
  • You can climb to new heights.
  • You can embrace your destiny.
  • God said you can, so you can!
  • So, do you want to secure that new job, find that soul mate, make more money, get that new house, land that deal, get that part in the performance? No problem, you can accomplish all things through Christ! 

But before we swallow this perspective, is that really what Philippians 4:13 is saying?


Paul wrote his letter to the church at Philippi while imprisoned, and the context is about finding personal contentment in Christ independent of outward circumstance which, by the way, were not positive for the apostle Paul at that particular time. 

So, this viral verse is not dealing with the ability to succeed, gain accomplishment, break through a barrier, finish a race, or win a game. It’s about finding strength in Christ to be content in the midst of difficult circumstances and times of persecution!  And rather than expecting God to change his situation, Paul used this truth to find strength to endure that situation and to be content despite of that situation.

That is what Philippians 4:13 is all about!  And if that is what is kept in mind, then, yes, it needs to go viral!

Devotedly yours in Christ,

Bill Blanchard, Pastor






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