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Oct 21, 2018

The Formation of a Church by the Holy Spirit

Passage: Acts 16:6-7

Speaker: Bill Blanchard

Category: Faith

“The Formation of a Church by the Holy Spirit” Acts 16:6-34 I. The Restraint of the Holy Spirit—Acts 16:6-7 II. The Revelation of the Holy Spirit—Acts 16:8-9 III. The Release of the Holy Spirit—Acts 16:10-12 IV. The Results of the Holy Spirit—Three Converts: A. Lydia—Acts 16:13-15 B. Slave girl—Acts 16:16-24 C. Jailor—Acts 16:25-34

What do the following people all have in common? A philosopher, a traveling sales lady, an ex-fortune teller, a jail keeper, and a bunch of jail birds? They were all founding members of the church in Philippi that was formed supernaturally by the Holy Spirit. And using the formation of that particular church as a proto-type, in this message we will see how God wants the formation of our church to be supernatural as well.